Sunday, April 24, 2005

Gigantic Mosquito Eater

Gigantic Mosquito Eater
Originally uploaded by IvyMike.
Boing Boing had a link today featuring cool macro-focus photos of bugs. Since I started using Flickr, I've started using my camera more, and I wanted to relearn how to use the macro mode on my camera. I grabbed my camera and ran outside hoping I could find an interesting insect to photograph.

I did not expect this monster of a skeeterhawk to be literally feet outside of my door, on the wall of my apartment. I apologize for the bad angle, but the mosquito eater was high on a wall above a staircase. I was a little afraid that if I woke it up and it came at me, I might freak out and tumble down the stairs. Or that he might rough me up and take my wallet.


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