Sunday, April 17, 2005

The 2004-2005 brewing season is over.

I brewed the last beer of the year two weeks ago; the summertime heat in my apartment isn't conducive to good yeast growth, so I'm declaring the season over. To close out the season in style, I made a mead yesterday, and it will sit in my carboy through the summer. (The mead should be ready by next Christmas!)

I'm going to be blogging individual batches as I taste them, so that I can have photos. Those waiting to be blogged are:

Batch 8: Nut Brown Ale
Batch 9: belligerent S.O.B. (An Arrogant Bastard clone beer)
Batch 10: Belgian Dubbel. (A 10% monster)
Batch M1: "Mead 1", a Orange Blossom Semi-Sweet Mead.


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