Tuesday, April 05, 2005

ETY*COM phone headset review

Ety.Com package and headset
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About a month ago, Chris DiBona called the "ETY*COM" headset the "The perfect earpiece from the perfect manufacturer." I had been looking for a good phone headset for a while, but I hated every one I tried. They were either an odd fit on my ear, or the sound quality of the microphone sucked any nobody could hear me.

I tried to purchase the headset direct from Etymotic Research's website, but as it turns out, their web purchasing was broken. I ended buying it for a little less from the "Earplug Super Store". I expect my endorsement check soon, guys.

If you're not familiar with Etymotic Research, they make earphones that actually fit inside your ear canal, like an earplug. It's a weird concept, but they get respect.

The ETY*COM headset works the same way. It was an odd sensation the first few times I used it, but now that I've been using it for a week, it's perfectly natural. It comes in a minimalistic package, but that's fine, because it's a minimalistic headset. And though it's small, it feels like it's made of high quality components.

The headset is great. People say that I "sound quieter", but based on experiments leaving messages on my own voicemail, I think the sound quality is better, and people don't seem to have problems understanding me. The earpiece sound quality is just about perfect. Since it's in your ear canal, it blocks out most other sound. With the noise reduction on the microphone, you might be able to use the headset in noisier environments than you think.

It's a little expensive, but given the other headsets I bought and don't use, this is a much better deal.

Ety.Com package and headset
Originally uploaded by IvyMike.

I hadn't seen any photos of the packaging on any of the reviews on the web, so I took a few of my own. The headset has a 2.5mm plug, which is pretty standard: it works with my Samsung cell phone as well as my Panasonic cordless phones.


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