Saturday, February 03, 2007

Personal Netflix Annual Report, 2006

Once again, it's time to summarize my Netflix viewing habits for the year. I watched 144 movies, which makes the math easy: 12 movies a month, almost three a week. That sure sounds like a lot of movies! Each movie cost me about $1.50 to watch. Compare to 2005, where I watched 114 DVDs, at $1.90 each.

I managed to catch up on HBO series like The Sopranos, Deadwood, and Rome. I learned I didn't much care for Farscape after the initial novelty wore off. I watched terrible movies like The Brothers Grimm and Fantastic Four. I enjoyed fascinating documentaries like A State of Mind and Long Way Round. Thanks, Netflix!

I'm getting closer to finishing off the IMDB Top 250 list: I'm up to 185. I am getting a little burnt out, so I'm going to take it easy with the Netflix for a while, content that I got my money's worth last year.

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