Friday, January 13, 2006

Personal Netflix annual report.

This is probably of interest to nobody but me. But it's my web journal, and I'll do what I want!

In 2005, I signed up for Netflix immediately after returning from my Christmas vacation. In that year, I rented 114 DVDs, or an average of 9.5 a month; this means that each video cost me $1.90 to watch. Four DVDs were damaged when they arrived; three DVDs took a long time in arriving for apparently no reason; two DVDs arrived with ripped packaging and a postal service rubber-stamp "Damaged during shipping" message; four DVDs took a long time before they arrived back at Netflix. In the end, no DVDs were lost.

I watched three seasons of the Sopranos; the first season of Farscape; great movies like Tokyo Story, Crash, and The 400 Blows; not-so-good movies like Biker Boyz, Jersey Girl, and King Arthur; half of Ichi the Killer, which was the only movie I couldn't finish; and a helluva lot of documentaries. Thanks, Netflix!

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At 12:19 PM, January 13, 2006, Blogger kendra said...

i don't like to tip my hand, but i spend too much time looking at my netflix friends' ratings and queues and such. you're very fond of the 5-star rating, which is interesting in contrast to people who use it sparingly. maybe it has to do with the movies you choose to review.

At 3:19 PM, January 13, 2006, Blogger IvyMike said...

One reason for the seemingly large collection of "five stars" ratings is that when you add a rating collection, all disks in that collection get the same rating. So when I rated season 1 of the Sopranos with five stars, I immediately had four disks with five star ratings.

I may have overdone it; I see that I rated seaons 1-3 of The Sopranos as five stars, and I really do think it is superb television; still, there were some clunkers of episodes in season 3, so maybe I should re-rate it as four stars.

I am watching quite a few movies off of Ebert's "Great Movies" list, so I'm looking for the gems, and I don't mind giving them high ratings. (Note: Biker Boyz was not on Ebert's list of "Great Movies")

The last reason for all the high ratings has to do with my blood type. I'm B POSITIVE!

At 6:50 PM, January 13, 2006, Blogger kendra said...

biker boyz is good movie though.

does a rating system lose its worth if everybody inflates their scores? simple 5-star ratings over the all the movies you watch might not be accurate, though it'll feel better than a bunch of 3-stars.

it's like the people who'd rather give a movie a 1-star rating because it's more extreme.


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