Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The hunt. for a pirate ARRRRRmband!

A few weeks ago, I saw Sean Bonner's post "Get Ye To Pirates!" on blogging.la where he bragged about picking up a "I (HEART) PIRATES" black wristband at Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride. When I heard my friend Todd was going to Pirates, I asked him to pick one up for me.

When he returned to work, he casually mentioned, "I dropped something off in your cubicle." I expected the armband, but instead, there was a crumpled and torn treasure map on my desk! I grabbed Michael and Chase in the hallway to help me out. We spent the next ten minutes on the quest--over the River of Engineerial Pain, past the Managerial Cliffs of Insanity, and finally deep into the 3rd Cube of Death where the armband was hidden. ARRRRRRR!

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