Thursday, February 23, 2006

NBC: Please add bobsled "ghost" images

In most modern racing video games, you can race against a "ghost" image of your previous best time. It's a great feature, because you can see where you gained and lost time on the track.

NBC, please add ghost images to your bobsled coverage. And your speed skating coverage. And any race where the competitors aren't racing head-to-head. If the technology is too difficult, at least add a moving line showing the ahead/behind status of the current racer.

Update 2/26/2006: Craig pointed out that the guys to do this are "Sportvision"; they already have similar technology in use for other sports. (They add the virtual country flags to the speed-skating coverage, for example.)

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At 2:10 PM, February 27, 2006, Blogger MelechRic said...

I think Sportvision also does the virtual 10 yard line in football. I believe this was thier first commercial application for their technology.


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