Thursday, March 10, 2005

CSI, Elegia, MORE

I was watching tonight's CSI episode (the Wil Wheaton one), and about halfway through, there was a montage of the CSIs doing labwork. The background music for the montage was a haunting instrumental song that I knew...from somewhere. Unfortunately, I couldn't place it, and without any lyrics, I didn't know how to use google to find the song. There are a few CSI Music forums on the net, but none have caught up to the current episode.

I don't do this often, but I decided this was worth it: I went into a jedi-like trance. When I emerged, I had the answer. The song was from an animated short I had watched about a year ago, called "MORE". The move led me to the song, which is "Elegia" by New Order. As it turns out, it was also in the movie Pretty In Pink, although it's not on the soundtrack.

Watch the short and listen to the song for yourself.


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