Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The top 10 reasons I voted your comment down on Reddit

Like everyone else on the internet, I'm always complaining that it used to be better back before they let the riff-raff in. But this might be extra true on Reddit, which used to be all about Haskell, Damn Interesting, the latest essay and/or breakfast choice from Paul Graham. Lately, the number of "hey here's a picture of a funny crazy car" posts has gone way up. Please, people, let's all pull together and help keep Reddit smart.

In the spirit of helpfulness, I present: The top 10 reasons I voted your comment down
10. You said "dupe". This ain't slashdot. Just vote it down. That's what the arrows are there for.

9. You said "dupe"...and you weren't the first. Please read up on irony.

8. You complained about a story having too many up votes, and called the people who upvoted stupid. The audience for your complaint? Those same people.

7. You posted an otherwise content-free comment saying "this link is awesome". That's what the arrows are there for.

6. You "new commented" when you wanted to reply. God, that annoys me. I did this last week and almost had to kill myself.

5. You blamed it all on the Jews, blacks, or Mexicans.

4. You complained about reddit being overrun by liberals, or athiests, or conservatives, or socialists, or freepers, or Ron Paul supporters, or Mike Gravel supporters, or nerds, or non-nerds, or Jewish black Mexicans. You know what? Maybe there really is a cabal. And now they think you suck.

3. You posted an otherwise content-free comment saying "this link is lame". That's what the arrows are there for.

2. You asked a question which Google could have answered in less time than it took to actually type your question.

1. Your comment was just really, really stupid. That's what Digg is there for.

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