Monday, September 11, 2006

We need a new name for 9/11

Should September 11th be a national holiday? My answer, is "Hells yes!", although I'll admit I'm partially motivated by my cynical desire for another day off. On the other hand, if you look at the hullabaloo we raise on 9/11 and compare it to something like labor day, it certainly seems like 9/11 rates.

The biggest problem we face to getting a new national holiday is when 9/11 falls on a weekend. We can't very well mark calenders with "Friday, September 9th (September 11th observed)"--that's madness! We need to come up with another name. I don't have any great ideas, though: my attempts so far, "Firefighter's Day" and "Freedom Day", just don't have zazz. Anyone?


At 2:09 PM, September 12, 2006, Anonymous jampak said...

Well, Pearl Harbor Day isn't a holiday, and that's the closest analogous day I can think of to 9/11. Having said that, I'm all for making it a holiday, although I do fear it might turn into another Memorial Day, where most people just take the day off and don't really memorialize anything. As far as the name of the holiday, I'm for keeping it 9/11. In Korea, they use dates as names for many momentous days in history. 815 is the day Korea was liberated from Japan in WWII. 625 is the Korean War. 429 is the LA riots. In Korea, there is no "observed" holiday. The date is the date. The good thing about this is that if the holiday falls on Tuesday, you usually get Monday off, too. Same goes for Thursday and Friday. Just like July 4th!


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