Wednesday, August 23, 2006

SRL San Jose 2006 photos

By pure coincidence, I was in the bay area starting a week long vacation on the same day that Survivial Research Labs was putting on a show in San Jose. I bought tickets, and on Friday, my brother and I went to the show.

This was a little bit of a disappointment compared to the previous two shows I've attended, maybe because this show was sanctioned by the city of San Jose, whereas the previous shows were much more underground. I never really felt the visceral sense of danger I've come to expect from an SRL show. The large crowd probably didn't help--most people there were far away from the action, so they never totally got into it.

Even so, it still made for good entertainment. Joe and I stood near the giant Van de Graaff machine which spewed 15-foot arcs of electricity every which way, and since it was a large show, most of the favorite robots made an appearance, including the six-legged walker, the super-bass gun, and the 2x4 pitching machine.

I also took a few photos before and after the show, and left some descriptions of the action on flickr, so be sure to check it out.


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