Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dicewars Strategy

Addictive flash game alert: Dicewars.

There are no instructions on the site. You're the purple player. You can attack a neighboring territory, and the battle is determined by rolling the attacking stack of dice v. the defending stack of dice. The defender wins ties. At the end of your turn, you'll get replacement units based on the largest contiguous group of territories you own.

Some simple strategy tips:
  1. Early on, identify where your largest potential group of terrirtories lives, and concentrate on that group.
  2. If one of your armies is off on an island, it's usually better to ignore it. It's not helping you (because it's not contiguous, it doesn't add to your replacement dice allotment) and if you add more territories to it, the weak area will serve as a sink for dice that you need elsewhere.
  3. You "lose" a die for every territory you capture, since one die needs to remain back to occupy the previous territory.
  4. Thus it's better to attack a large group before a small group, so that you have the greatest advantage when you need it.


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