Thursday, July 27, 2006

Video Friday #3: Radiohead, "Just"

I'm not sure if Radiohead's "Just" is my favoritve video of all time, but it's on the short list:

I'm a sucker for The Twilight Zone, and the story in this video would make for a great episode. It's got a theme which shows up in a lot of my favorite stories: an idea or thought so powerful that knowing it can cause your destruction.

It's literally the first story in the bible. It reappears in "Von Goom's Gambit", a short story which imagines a chess player so bad that his terrible moves literally turns the opponents mad. And it's one of the themes in the movie "Pi", in which the mathematician Maximillian Cohen unravels the mathematics of chaos. That knowledge begins to drive him insane, until he uses a power drill to literally remove the idea from his brain.


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