Thursday, July 20, 2006

Video Friday #2: Styx, Too Much Time

This week's video is from Styx. Other, lesser, blogs would have honored Come Sail Away, Mr. Roboto, or maybe even Heavy Metal Poisoning--fine videos, one and all.

But that's not how I roll! Kick it Mike-style, and enjoy Styx's Too Much Time.

Recall that Styx is also the Greek river of the dead, guarded by Charon, and circling Hades nine times. That's hard-core. Also recall that "the band was accused by a California religious right group and later Tipper Gore's P.M.R.C of backmasking Satanic messages in their anti-cocaine anthem, "Snowblind."" That's totally badass.

And then try to reconcile that with the aquamarine jump suit, the zany bar-room comedy sketches, and the wacky facial expressions in this video. Good luck!


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