Tuesday, August 30, 2005

This labor day, ArthurFest. Next year, I'm definitely going to Burning Man.

Burning Man is going on right now, and I'm not there. I know, these days all the cool kids say that Burning Man used to be awesome, but now it's full of posers. But I recently realized that I'm a poser, so it's perfect. Next year, I'm definitely going! (Thank you, recently opened Onion Archives!)

However, if you're like me and stuck in Los Angeles for labor day with nothing else to do, you could head over to enjoy the indie- and alterna- rock at ArthurFest, which features:
Nine-plus hours of non-stop exciting music across three stages (two outdoor, one indoor) each day; good food from local eateries; alcohol, beer, coffee and energy drinks; lawns, trees and shade (no asphalt! no dirt!); a Frank Lloyd Wright building in his "Mayan Revival" style; polite and helpful staff and security; easy parking.... What more could you want?
Sounds promising. I'm going on the day that features Sleater-Kinney and Sonic Youth. I will not be going on the day that features Yoko Ono.

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At 11:56 AM, September 03, 2005, Anonymous Joe said...

local music fest is a billion times better than burning man

and burning man was never used to be REALLY awesome, it only used to be hippy awesome. now it's sponsored by walmart, i think.


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