Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hike to Simi Peak

Or..."Mike Almost Kills Himself".

I hiked up to Simi Peak today. This was extremely dumb. I intended to go on a 4 mile, 1:30 hour hike NEAR Simi Peak. But I only had a rough map and took a wrong turn. And I left at noon on a day where it got up to 103F. And not only was there a lot of elevation gain (1200 ft) but it was very treacherous in places, with slow ascents and descents. Thus it ended up being a 7 mile, 3:15 mile hike. So I ran out of about two hours in. D'oh!

But Simi Peak itself was beautiful; it may be the only place where you can see Simi Valley, the Conejo Valle, the San Fernando Valley, and even the a little of the Camarillo Valley all from the same vantage point. If you plan better than I did, I highly recommend the hike. (I'm attaching my a Google Earth kmz file containing several hikes; this hike is the one listed on 8/27/2005.)

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