Sunday, December 14, 2008

Joe's Cable Car

Joe's Cable Car
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A few years ago, hamburger blog "A Hamburger Today" recommended Joe's Cable Car in San Francisco. I happened to be taking a trip out there to visit my sister, so one night I convinced her to drive across town so we could try the burger. It was awesome.

It's become my San Francisco trip tradition to eat there, so hopefully I'll get a chance when I go out there for Christmas.

One thing I find fascinating is the way the reviews on Yelp are so polarized. There are a ton of people who are outraged that it's so expensive, and I'll grant that it is quite pricey. But it's also perfection, and how can you put a price on that?

Tip: I also enjoy the root beer freeze, which is a vanilla milkshake with a hit of root beer!

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