Monday, April 30, 2007

Rim of the World Rally, 2007

Rim of the World Rally

On Saturday, I spent the day watching Rim of the World Rally. Just like always, Lancaster was a festering hellhole of heat, sweat, and dust. The crowd at ROTW is an interesting mix of Lancaster natives, the Faster-n-Furiouser crowd, Anime/Japanophiles, general motorsport fans, and the curious Subaru nerd or two. If you can stand the heat, it's a lot of fun to watch the events, the cars, and the crowd.

There was a car show/competition for heavily modded cars:
STI + Anime
There was a cone course where you could drive your own car! I've got to figure out how to enter this next year, because it looked like a blast:
Surprisingly, during the time I was watching, two of the fastest cars on the course were generic looking Subaru Foresters--one of those even had a roof rack still attached. And as a Ford hater, I also took satisfaction when "the loudest Mustang in the world" turned out to be one of slower cars.

There were part vendors and car dealerships with displays in the (mercifully air conditioned) pavilion:
In the pavilion

One of the best things about Rim of the World Rally: You can walk and interact with the pit crews between the stages:
Getting ready for the next round

I'll admit, I wasn't hardcore, and wimped out after Saturday. On Sunday, I missed history being made when 22 year old Lisa Klassen became the first woman to win an national rally overall.

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