Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hitler or Coulter

Ann Coulter despises me, and would gladly bash my head in with a baseball bat. She says I hate America. But I like America! I've lived there for a long time, and in case you don't know, it's pretty frickin' sweet.

For a long time, I tried ignoring Coulter's lies about me, thinking and hoping that she would go away. But despite the lack of mention in my blog, she's more popular than ever. Huge numbers of conservatives are buying her books and being influenced by her lies. I can't just dismiss her as a fringe element, because more and more often she is the voice of the conservatives on talks shows and in the media. It's time to respond to Coulter's nonsense.

Here is a quiz that tests if you can tell the difference between Hitler's anti-semitic ranting and Coulter's anti-liberal screeds. Here's a hint: Hitler uses the bigger words.

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