Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Bratty kids are now supernatural indigo children.

Bratty kid? Nope, it's easier to claim that they're 'indigo':
Indigo advocates believe that many children born after 1975 possess an Indigo-color aura around them and unique almost supernatural traits. To the rest of the world, these kids may appear to be unruly and their parents may have gone overboard in the coddling of their children. Indigo kids bristle at authority and have little patience. Their advocates say they act like royalty and have no guilt. Simple acts, like waiting in lines, drive them crazy. Their parents are sure they can see the future and talk to angels.
There's more in the Wikipedia entry for Indigo Children.

Someone needs to tell Arthur C. Clarke that the new agers are ripping off the last third of "Childhood's End."

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