Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Top Ten New Design Patterns

In 1994, the "Gang of Four" published the book "Design Patterns" and the ideas in the book quickly spread throughout the software engineering community. If you're not familiar with design patterns, this quote sum up the concept nicely:

"Design patterns are recurring solutions to software design problems you find again and again in real-world application development." (source)

One of the things I always liked about the book was the collection of pattern names the authors chose; things like "Flyweight", "Memento", "Singleton", and "Abstract Factory". I decided that I wanted to come up with my own list of Design Pattern names:
  1. Hedge Maze
  2. Interloper
  3. Dumbwaiter
  4. Tattletale
  5. Understudy
  6. Slaughterhouse
  7. Prevaricator
  8. Fluffer
  9. Mishmash
  10. Parasite
Some of these may be antipatterns.

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