Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Gmail contacts searching

My "Contact Information" system used to work like this: whenever I got an email from someone containing a phone number, an address, directions to their house, or a pointer to another email address, I would slap a "contact info" label on the mail. It was infinitely flexible but still searchable, allowing all sorts of random pieces of "Contact Info". But at some point, Gmail upgraded their built-in "Contacts" section, and I think my system might be obsolete.

The interface to enter contact information is now very flexible: there's a notes section, you can add as many other sections as you want, give the sections arbitrary names, and enter arbitrary data in the fields (the phone number can be "", for example.)

But the best part is the fields are all searchable. Want to know how many of your friends live in the "805" area code? Search for "805". I'm going to start entering tags in the notes field, and I'll have my very own folksonomy of friends. Don't piss me off or you're getting slapped with a "loser" tag!

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