Monday, July 11, 2005

Kite Flying 2001

mike flying kite 10a
Originally uploaded by IvyMike.
Over the past five years, I've become hypersensitive to caffeine. My extreme dependence on the drug started to worry me, so I stopped all caffeine a week ago. It sucked: I got headaches and felt logy all week.

I was going to post an entry titled "Rage Against the Caffeine" but I had nothing more to say and was just looking for an excuse to use that title. I guess I'm sneaking it in here.

I did manage to find enough energy to revive a few old hard drives and salavge the buried treasures stored on them, including these photos of me flying a kite back from 2001. I trust Flickr more than I trust myself, at least when it comes to keeping good backups, so posting them is probably the best way to preserve them forever.


At 12:35 PM, July 13, 2005, Blogger kendra said...

i should really stop drinking caffeine, but i stopped for a while and still had migraines so i gave up.

you should come up to the berkeley kite festival. it's in three weeks and is going to be awesome.


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